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Concept and design of the book Mirjam Abraas, zuiver en zeldzaam.

Book design in gesprek met je leven, marijtje van der Horst. Publisher Altamira. ISBN 978-94-013-0142-8


Design and organisation EPSA, European Public Sector Award in Maastricht (project of EIPA)

Corporate identity White Bull Digital Media

Corporate identity de Groenteschuur in Bunde


Creating and maintaining the website:

Book design de glimlach in mijn achterhoofd -
de Liefde leven
, Marijtje van der Horst. Publisher
Altamira. ISBN 978-90-6963-981-9


Chairman of the Basketball Club BC Boemerang; besides this function I also work on marketing campaigns, as well as the design and creation of the website:


Cover design Evaluating Clinical Teaching through Cognitive Apprenticeship, Renée E. Stalmeijer. ISBN 978-94-6159-067-1


Sustainable Skin, graphic design of a trend forecast book for the brand 'Moleskine'. Six leporellos show tangible colours, fabrics and key shapes in diverse themes for 'womenswear spring/summer 2012'. Carry, trend & brand agency

Sandals, label for typical Arab-style sandals.

Restyling identity VPC Autosport

Cover design How the EU Institutions Work and… How to Work with EU Institutions, edited by Alan Hardacre, ISBN 978-0-9564508-6-9

Progressief Beek, annual newspaper for the residents of the Municipality of Beek.


Restyling identity ChildTRAC. As a partner of this organisation that helps children in Thailand, I brainstorm for new marketing strategies, on a non-profit basis.


DSM Click’, a series of posters and banners aimed towards 'teambuilding' among employees from all levels.

Cover design The Rise and Fall of Interregionalism in EU, Alan Hardacre. Volume 9, international relations studies series. ISBN 978-90-8979-032-3

Maintaining the website:

Identity Al-Enezi Consultancy.

Design and technical implementation of the website:


Graphic Designer, Marketing & Information Department, European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA).



Book de dood legt Liefde bloot by Marijtje van der Horst c.q. Marijke Mulder from Studio mM Design. ISBN 978-90-814195-1-2

Newspaper Dutchness for the annual exhibition at 'Salone del Mobile' in Milan, by the Design Academy Eindhoven - and a second version used as an annex for 'Eindhovens Dagblad'.


Exhibition design Cité l'architecture Paris, Team 10 expositie during internship at studio anthonBeeke, Amsterdam.


Internship studio anthonBeeke, Amsterdam.

Workshop ‘creating images’, the Strange Attractors,
[8 weeks]


Design and organisation, graduation show, Design Academy Eindhoven.

Supporting and giving guidance at the annual congress of the Alliance Graphique International (AGI), Unknown Land in Amsterdam, organised by BNO.

Organisation and supervision of a workshop to create posters for Impulsis.


The gift of branding, campaign concept and design for non-profit organisation Wajir, supervised by Anthon Beeke and Tyler Wishnand [10 weeks]

Brainstorm Jane Worthington, identity for the city of Maastricht [2 days]


Drawing workshop Max Kisman [10 weeks]

Summer 2002 & 2003

Young designer/creative DTP at Vermeulen co/design, Landgraaf.


Internship Vermeulen co/design, Landgraaf.


Internship Mundocom International, Eindhoven.
0031 (0)6 10 16 67 20 / / Henri Hermanslaan 420, 6162 GS Geleen, Nederland (the Netherlands) .realisatie DesignerWorks