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Mirjam Abraas, zuiver en zeldzaam, a book with an overview of the work of Mirjam Abraas, 2014

In gesprek met je leven, een werkboek -
dagelijkse inspiratie om tot jeZelf te komen
Marijtje van der Horst. Publisher Altamira, 2014
ISBN 978-94-013-0142-8

De glimlach in mijn achterhoofd - de Liefde leven, Marijtje van der Horst. Publisher Altamira, 2012
ISBN 978-90-6963-981-9

Evaluating Clinical Teaching through Cognitive Apprenticeship, Renée E. Stalmeijer, July 2011
(cover design)

ISBN 978-94-6159-067-1

How the EU Institutions Work and… How to Work with EU Institutions, edited by Alan Hardacre, 2011 (cover design)
ISBN 978-0-9564508-6-9

Bachelor, my illustration from 'de witte taal' was used in the education prospectus for the Design Academy Eindhoven, 2010/2011

De dood legt Liefde bloot, Marijtje van der Horst. First edition, Marijtje van der Horst, 2009. Second edition, Publisher Altamira, 2011
ISBN 978-90-6963-980-2

The Rise and Fall of Interregionalism in EU,
Alan Hardacre. Volume 9, international relations studies series, 2010 (cover design)
ISBN 978-90-8979-032-3

Seasons for sale, New Year's gift for Lecturis BV Eindhoven, March 2007

VRPO, illustration that shows my view of the future
of the Netherlands, placed in issue No 1, 7-13 January 2006

The public role of the graphic designer, a book full of lectures, debates and a number of designs composed for the Netherlands. Five flag designs are placed. Annelys de Vet, 2006
ISBN: 978-90-72849-07-6
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