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Mirjam Abraas / In gesprek met je leven / de glimlach in mijn achterhoofd / Ph.D / Sustainable Skin / de dood legt Liefde bloot / Food

Graphic design of a book that tells a positive personal (grieving) story, expressed through drawings, paintings, diary fragments and poems. The first edition is published by the author herself Marijtje van der Horst, the second edition is published by Altamira. 2009, 2011
ISBN 978 90 6963 980 2

Some quotes from
'It is a beautifully described process of (…) finding beauty in small things. This beauty can also be seen in the execution of the book: the paper, the font, the intimate drawings, the art: the story and images go together.' a bruynesteyn, 2009

'The design of the book is so beautiful and wonderful, which is in itself a comfort!' JacobavanEgmond, 2009

'Beautiful design: paintings, drawings, poems, the cover, the paper, everything is in harmony.' Janny ter Meer, 2009

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